How we Toad our Lifted Jk Jeep Wrangler on 35s behind our Motor Home

This is not a guide on how to flat tow a car, this is a guide on what you might have to do and be mindful of if you are planning on towing a lifted jeep with oversize tires behind your motor home. This was a major struggle for us – at times one I wasn’t sure if we were going to overcome but we did. During this time we found out there really is not much information on this subject online so I wanted to help other people who might have this same problem.

Why Would You Want to Tow a Vehicle Like This?

This is a question I was asked a lot when trying to figure out what to do, especially with so many other options to choose from – many of these far easier and more practical. And the answer is because a normal wrangler is a very capable car, however it’s not complete. Getting a wrangler and not lifting it and adding larger tires just doesn’t make a ton of sense.

With this car we can see much more of the country and we could in a smart car or even the Grand Cherokee we had before – which is why we went full timing in the first place! Our new wrangler can take us farther into the middle of nowhere and we will be able to see so much more that a lot of people don’t get to see.

What to Keep in Mind Before Getting the Wrangler or Towing it

Higher Tow Point

Towing a lifted wrangler on larger tires makes the tow points much higher. It is recommended to have your tow bar as level as possible, +/- 3 inches or so is still ok. Anything more than that and your tow setup is extremely dangerous especially with heavy braking. The more level your tow bar, the better and safer your system will be.

What will happen to you is your car will either go under your tow bar and likely breaking it and hit your RV or it will more likely ride up over the tow bar destroying the rear end of your RV. This is extremely expensive and happens more often than you might think.

Our previous car – Jeep Grand Cherokee – had a much lower spot to tow it from. The new Jeep was roughly 8″ higher! The new jeep does not have a base plate installed, and it had an aftermarket steel bumper which would be hard ot get a base plate added on, not to mention that it would severely limit it’s off road capabilities!

We decided to tow from the D-rings on the bumper. Blue Ox makes adapters to our Alpha Tow Bar which was super easy to swap out. The problem we had with this was to get the correct adapters, we had originally bought a size too big. Blue Ox customer support easily helped us to pick the right size and be on our way.

The Hitch Receiver Height

Our problem was exacerbated by the fact that our hitch receiver (the part on the motor home) was very low to the ground. We had looked at other RVs to compare and our was easily 6 inches lower than most, that 6 inches would really have come in handy!

Make sure you pay close attention to your hitch receiver and make any adjustments if you can, for us we went to a welding shop and they raised our hitch receiver at a fair price!

Hitch Riser/Drop

Before officially buying the new Jeep, we did a little research to see if we could tow it, and found that manufactures make tow hitch rises and drops (they are the same thing). These ranged from 2 inches to 12 inches. So we thought we were golden.

We bought the jeep and then later bought an 8 inch blue ox hitch rise rated at 10k pounds. We had gone back to Michigan ad had our RV stored for the winter near Jacksonville, FL and when we got back after Christmas we set up our tow stuff and were surprised to find out, it wasn’t even close to working! Even with the 8 inch rise our jeep needed an additional 10 inches to be level! This was a serious freaking problem.

Word of caution about the risers: The inch said on them isn’t the true rise, the true rise is about 4 inches less.

Our 8 inch riser only netted us 4 inches in true height!

How we Made This Work

Our problem was very severe, we needed 15 inches of height total and about 10 inches more than our riser gave us. How the hell were we going to solve this problem? It was a terrible feeling. We were feeling stuck because we couldn’t go anywhere. And we thought we were going to have to spend a fortune to solve this – if it was even possible!

We had looked online for larger risers, but there were none that would put us in the safe zone, let alone level!

Two journeys all over Jacksonville yielded nothing except many wasted hours and gallons of gas. We went to every Jeep shop, RV place, hitch store and nothing. I had called a few welding shops and they were not helpful either!

We were desperate, we were about to attempt something very stupid. Our last ditch plan was to use two, yes tow, risers consecutively. I imagine this wouldn’t be very safe.

However Sonja and found a different welding store and they said they could fix it. We took the RV over there and they said they could raise our hitch receiver and build us a custom riser! Halle-freaking-lujah!!!  Finally someone came through.

We now successfully tow our Jeep all over with our sick 12 riser and raised hitch receiver and have had no issues. This welding shop did an amazing job – especially when everyone else said NO!