What Does Full Timing Mean for RV Enthusiasts?

When Sonja and I were looking to buy an RV to live in for a year or two we looked online to see how viable that actually was – and if people actually did it as well. As far as we were concerned this was just a dream, perhaps that’s all it would be.

It wasn’t long before we discovered that not only do people live in RV’s but it has it’s own term: Full Timing

Full Timing means people whose primary residence is their Recreational Vehicle (RV). This means they have no house or anything and live in different locations throughout North America (typically). There are around 1million people who live in their RV’s traveling from place to place and just seeing everything!

Who Can Full Time RV?

Anyone can really full time RV. RV’ing is relatively inexpensive, the hardest part is having a small living space – but then again, it’s not really that small if you can explore outside anywhere. I know people have a lot of questions before trying out the full time lifestyle.

Full Timing With Kids

Many parents have questions about if they can live in an RV full time with kids. They have a lot of questions like if it will be bad for their children, or if they would end up socially awkward. Even wondering if it’s legal.

Obviously situations vary per family but living in an RV with children is very do-able and legal. In fact, given the sad state a lot of children live in RVing is an amazing lifestyle.

Living in an RV with your kids doesn’t mean they wont have a social connection, in fact it’s quite the opposite! The community and people you meet when RVing are some of the nicest people out there and have some amazing stories to tell.

Not to mention the fact that most kids learn about Gettysburg or Yellowstone from text books,whereas full timer kids get to experience everything, they can see the battlefield up close, they can get close to the buffalo at Yellowstone, they get to experience all this amazing stuff first hand. I know for a fact that when I was younger I would have preferred to live this way.

Full Timing With Pets

For us, this was a huge one! We have a cat named fuzzball that re-homing was not an option. Luckily we found out many people full time rv with their cats, or other animals. Even dogs! The RV really is an apartment on wheels and the lifestyle is amazing – though it’s not for everyone!


Full timing can be a great time for the whole family! If you like freedom and traveling then I would highly recommend giving it a try. But before you go allĀ  in make sure to rent an RV first and see how you like it!