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As we travel the world we will begin to fill in the map below with information so that you can explore those places with us. We will write about the places we visit, including things that you should do if you decide to stop by. You’ll be able to read reviews, learn about the local attractions and see photos of nearby scenic areas. Click a pin on the map below to learn more about that location!

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Meet Tyler and Sonja Snoeyink – adventure travelers and professional bloggers. Our story began with the dream of traveling all the corners of the world and after a few years of hard work are finally able to leave our one bedroom apartment and hit the road. This blog is a documentary of our adventures and hopefully a good source of information for other travelers. Come explore the world with us and discover how you can add a little adventure into your life!


How to Tow a Vehicle Behind your Motor Home (RV)

Figuring out How to Tow a Vehicle Behind Your RV Motor Home Whether or not you are getting into full timing or just want to tool around in your motor home, you'll probably want to bring a vehicle to get around - especially for extended stays. While this isn't...

What to Pack and What NOT to Pack in your Carry-On Bag

What to Pack and What NOT to Pack in Your Carry-On Bag By Sonja When you check a bag at the air port you are always running the risk of having your luggage lost or delayed. This is just one reason it's important to have all the essentials packed with you in your...

Top Things You Must Do in Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia is a vibrant and charming Mediterranean town located in the middle of Croatia's coastline. Split has to be one of my favorite places in Croatia and there is a never-ending list of things you can do for entertainment. Tyler and I...

What is “Full Timing” in an RV?

What Does Full Timing Mean for RV Enthusiasts? When Sonja and I were looking to buy an RV to live in for a year or two we looked online to see how viable that actually was - and if people actually did it as well. As far as we were concerned this was just a dream,...




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