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Category: RVing

What is the Gas Mileage of an RV?

How Much is the Gas Mileage Driving an RV? It’s a no-brainer that RV’s get horrendous gas mileage. Compared to a car its awful! With that being said, it is a house and not a car so the gas mileage acts a bit...

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How Much Does RV Insurance Cost?

How Much Does it Cost to Insure an RV? When Sonja and I were looking at RV’s one of the pressing questions was how much would it cost to insure our new RV? We really needed to know if it was going too be affordable. One of...

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What is “Full Timing” in an RV?

What Does Full Timing Mean for RV Enthusiasts? When Sonja and I were looking to buy an RV to live in for a year or two we looked online to see how viable that actually was – and if people actually did it as well. As far as...

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