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As we travel the world we will begin to fill in the map below with information so that you can explore those places with us. We will write about the places we visit, including things that you should do if you decide to stop by. You’ll be able to read reviews, learn about the local attractions and see photos of nearby scenic areas. Click a pin on the map below to learn more about that location!

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Meet Tyler and Sonja Snoeyink – adventure travelers and professional bloggers. Our story began with the dream of traveling all the corners of the world and after a few years of hard work are finally able to leave our one bedroom apartment and hit the road. This blog is a documentary of our adventures and hopefully a good source of information for other travelers. Come explore the world with us and discover how you can add a little adventure into your life!


What is the Gas Mileage of an RV?

How Much is the Gas Mileage Driving an RV? It's a no-brainer that RV's get horrendous gas mileage. Compared to a car its awful! With that being said, it is a house and not a car so the gas mileage acts a bit differently than a car as well. One question I had before...

How to Tow a Lifted Jeep Wrangler Behind Your Motorhome

How we Toad our Lifted Jk Jeep Wrangler on 35s behind our Motor Home This is not a guide on how to flat tow a car, this is a guide on what you might have to do and be mindful of if you are planning on towing a lifted jeep with oversize tires behind your motor home....

How Much Does RV Insurance Cost?

How Much Does it Cost to Insure an RV? When Sonja and I were looking at RV's one of the pressing questions was how much would it cost to insure our new RV? We really needed to know if it was going too be affordable. One of the reasons we chose to full time RV is...

RV Weight Guide – Everything You Need to Know

RV Weight Beginner's Guide This is possibly the most important part of RVing, understanding your weight limits and what all of the different terms mean. I would strongly recommend not taking your RV anywhere until you have a decent understanding of the weight of the...




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