Pecos River High Bridge Overlook

If you are traveling on Highway 90 between Del Rio and Langtry, you will find yourself crossing a 1,310-foot long bridge 273 feet above the Pecos River. This bridge has a deep, rich history with roots steeming to the building of the nation’s first southern transcontinental railroad and might just be the most famous and well known historic bridges in Texas. The breathtaking views will urge you to stop and take it all in and you can do just that by stopping at the pull-offs provided on either side of the road. But if you want to get the best view, drive up to the Pecos River Bridge Overlook.

Drive Up to Pecos River Overlook

View from Driving Up to the Pecos River Overlook

The drive up to the overlook is at the top of the hill so you will be driving up an incline. The road up to it is paved and wide to accommodate larger RV’s and there is a turn around at the top.

Pecos River High Bridge Overlook Picnic Area

The road going to the overlook is wide and paved.

Overnight Camping

In addition to the stunning views, you will also find covered picnic areas and trash cans. It’s not advertised widely but overnight parking is allowed at the overlook. We made a day-trip visit to the bridge while we were staying at Lake Amistad and meet a couple RVers that were staying at the top.

On our way out of Lake Amistad and towards New Mexico, we made it a point to spend the night at the overlook. It was a weekday and we were the only people up there.

Pecos River High Bridge Overlook Photos

Pecos River Boat Launch

The National Park Service maintains the Pecos River boat ramp. It’s a concrete ramp that is open year-round and you can do peer-fishing. If your boat has a motor, you do need a boat pass ($4 per day, $10 for a 3-day pass, or $40 per year). You can get more information on this at the NPS website.

This is a great spot for paddleboarding or kayaking.

Paddle Boarding On Pecos River

We took our paddle boards out on the river, amazing views.

We took our paddle boards down for a day and it was awesome being on the river and seeing the canyon gorges towering on either side.

Picnic Area

There are two picnic areas at the Pecos River Boat Launch. Both offers covered picnic tables, grills, and trash. These are great spots to take a break and take in the views. From this area, you will have a clear view of the Pecos River meets the Rio Grand. There is also a short trail with informational placks about the wildlife and natural history of the area.

Geocaching Cave Adventure at Pecos River

Geocaching is a hobby that Tyler and I have shared for many years and it always takes us to hidden gems in the places we explore. The geocache that we found at the Pecos River High Bridge as so far been my all time favorite!

Pecos River Boat Launch

We entered the river from the Pecos River Boat Launch. We used our paddle boards to get to the location of the Cave Adventure geocache before the steep climb.

This geocache is only accessible from the river so you will need a boat/kayak/paddleboard to retrieve it and some climbing equipment might also prove to be useful.

The climb up is VERY steep, you can see the entrance to the save in the background.


Cave Entrance Pecos River

This is the entrance to the cave, it goes back further than this picture shows. It’s also very, very dusty.


Some parts were very steep and rocky.

It’s going to be rough terrain and not for the fainthearted but the breathtaking views are more than worth the trip. This is the Cave Adventure geocache is you would like more information and location coordinates.