What do to at Lake Amistad, Del Rio, Texas

Lake Amistad is a a lake formed by the damming of the Rio Grande and the Devils River just north of Del Rio Texas. Del Rio Texas is the last town with all the necessities until El Paso! So if traveling in this area make sure to get as many supplies as you can and gas up everything! Gas is cheap around Lake Amistad but sharply increases in price on the way west!.

Lake Amistad was our first real camping experience! We really enjoyed our stay here and there is actually a lot to do! We actually stayed 3 weeks here because we found out we needed to get some solar, we needed better batteries and we had some random things we needed from amazon! So we were kind of stuck but it was all worth it!

Lake Amistad Entrance Fees

The Lake Amistad National Recreation Area does not charge a fee to for entry, however there are fees for fishing and camping and other various activities.


The Lake Amistad National Recreation area has 4 main camping spots.

  1. Govenors Landing
  2. San Pedro
  3. Diablo East
  4. 277 North

We spent most of our time at San Pedro’s campground because it was the least expensive and most friendly for larger rigs.

The nightly camping fees range from $4-$8 nightly and there are no real hookups. The camping is usually light – especially san pedro barring holidays.


Lake Amistad is now my favorite lake for swimming. This really says a lot about it because coming from Michigan great swimming lakes are everywhere! But this lake beats out even Lake Huron and Higgins Lake because:

Crystal Clear Water

The water is amazingly clear, it is especially clear during the spring when you have underwater visibility from 30 to 50 feet! Summer and fall are worse due to algae and such but the water still gives you amazing visibilit of up to 25 feet.

No Zebra Mussels

Zebra Mussels are a huge problem in many freshwater lakes, especially in Michigan. This is the first lake I have swam in that doesn’t have them, lets keep it that way!

No Sand

Because Lake Amistad is a flooded canyon there are no sandy beaches or even muck. However the rocky shores and bottom are not like other lakes where it hurts to walk on them, the shores and bottom are usually smooth and the rocks are more like boulders.

This is an awesome lake for swimming and diving and yes of course, boating activities! The weather is also perfect nearly year round, but march-may are going to be the best and most refreshing.

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