The Fire Tower at Hocking Hills

As we were headed to Cedar Falls we saw a place called “Fire Tower” on the geocaching map and decided to stop there not sure what we would find…

However it was a hidden gem, it was awesome! I did not expect to be allowed to climb what we saw.

In the middle of the park lies fire tower, this is a tall structure designed for someone to watch for wild fires in the area.

The Hike to Fire Tower

From the parking lot it is a very short hike to the tower, but as you come into view of it you’ll be surprised to see it. It looks like a radio tower and there is only one way up, the stairs!

Lots and lots of stairs! The hike is very easy with just a bit of a rolling hill however getting up the tower is quite strenuous. You should be physically fit and mentally tough to handle this, the stairs are grated which means you can see through them and the tower is about 150 feet tall, do not attempt if you are afraid of heights!

Fire Tower View from the Top!

The view atop the fire tower is stunning, we were there past peak fall foliage colors but it was still amazing! Hocking Hills is supremely gorgeous ad this is a phenomenal way to see the park. I could only imagine how sweet it looks in the summer and early fall! We will probably need to come back to find out!

This is definitely a hidden gem at the park! I would highly encourage you guys to check it out