If you find yourself cruising along the coast of Louisiana, a great place to stop and take in some sand and sun is Holly Beach. Holly Beach has scattered shells that fill it’s soft, white sand and beautiful never-ending water views. It’s a perfect place to go for a walk and do some shell hunting. You can drive up and down the beach if you have the right vehicle.

I didn’t like the water enough to go swimming. We are from Michigan so our standards for swimming water are higher than most. It was a nice beach to stay at for a few days and enjoy the warmth and sun.

The area that we camped on was on hard and that was easily drivable. We stayed for three nights and our 31-foot motorhome didn’t sink in at all. During our stay, there was a Class A, camper, and a couple vans that occupied the area. The weekends were busier; I recommend coming during the week for a better chance at getting a spot.

It’s a fun location if you want to be away from the crowd as the beach is quiet and there aren’t many towns in close proximity. With that being said, make sure you have all the foods and other things you need to accommodate the length of your stay.

Overall, it is a pleasant beach that’s not too crowded and a perfect spot to camp with the soundtrack of waves in the background.


Holly Beach Photos