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What is the Gas Mileage of an RV?

How Much is the Gas Mileage Driving an RV? It’s a no-brainer that RV’s get horrendous gas mileage. Compared to a car its awful! With that being said, it is a house and not a car so the gas mileage acts a bit differently than a car as well. One question I had before buying a used RV was what could I expect in relation to gas consumption? It’s a perfectly common question, after all – how can you estimate costs without knowing the MPG? Unfortunately gas mileage on RV’s varies dramatically! This is because RVs come in all...

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How to Tow a Lifted Jeep Wrangler Behind Your Motorhome

How we Toad our Lifted Jk Jeep Wrangler on 35s behind our Motor Home This is not a guide on how to flat tow a car, this is a guide on what you might have to do and be mindful of if you are planning on towing a lifted jeep with oversize tires behind your motor home. This was a major struggle for us – at times one I wasn’t sure if we were going to overcome but we did. During this time we found out there really is not much information on this subject online so I wanted to help other people who might have this same problem. Why Would You Want to Tow a Vehicle Like This? This is a question I was asked a lot when trying to figure out what to do, especially with so many other options to choose from – many of these far easier and more practical. And the answer is because a normal wrangler is a very capable car, however it’s not complete. Getting a wrangler and not lifting it and adding larger tires just doesn’t make a ton of sense. With this car we can see much more of the country and we could in a smart car or even the Grand Cherokee we had before – which is why we went full timing in the first place! Our new...

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How Much Does RV Insurance Cost?

How Much Does it Cost to Insure an RV? When Sonja and I were looking at RV’s one of the pressing questions was how much would it cost to insure our new RV? We really needed to know if it was going too be affordable. One of the reasons we chose to full time RV is because we could spend about the same or slightly less than when we had an apartment and yet get to travel all over North America. But we had no idea how much it would cost for RV insurance, for all we knew it could have been a large chunk of change and would cause us to change our plans, possibly. Perhaps I didn’t do the smart choice, we bought the RV before even looking at insurance, part of this was because we just had to try living in an RV full time and we would have done whatever it takes to achieve that goal because of the sheer amount of freedom it allows. I actually didn’t even start shopping for RV insurance until we got the call from the dealership called letting us know we got approved for a loan. This was Tuesday the 15 of August, and our pickup date was the 19th, but I had to have insurance on it. So, what did I find out about  RV insurance? Well, quite...

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RV Weight Guide – Everything You Need to Know

RV Weight Beginner’s Guide This is possibly the most important part of RVing, understanding your weight limits and what all of the different terms mean. I would strongly recommend not taking your RV anywhere until you have a decent understanding of the weight of the RV. Why is it Important to Learn About RV Weight Limits? Each RV has their own limitations on weight, if you go over the limit you can have some major problems. To me, safety for my family is my #1 priority, and being overweight needlessly puts them and others in serious peril. Many people who have their  RV’s over the rated weight limit do so unknowingly. The heavier you are also has impacts on you financially, which for us was a major reason to go as light as we can, I will explain in more detail at the bottom. It seems very complicated at first but I will break it down into easy to understand segments, because when I bought my RV in August 2017 I had zero understanding on this and couldn’t find any decent all inclusive resources on the topic that were easy to understand. There are a few important phrases to learn: Maximum towing capacity Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) Maximum available gross combined weight rating (GCWR) Occupant and cargo carrying capacity (OCCC) It’s also important...

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How to Tow a Vehicle Behind your Motor Home (RV)

Figuring out How to Tow a Vehicle Behind Your RV Motor Home Whether or not you are getting into full timing or just want to tool around in your motor home, you’ll probably want to bring a vehicle to get around – especially for extended stays. While this isn’t necessary for all situations, more often than not it’s extremely practical to bring your own personal car, rather than just relying on bicycles or walking to get around during your trip. As for Sonja and me, since we are going to be living full time in our RV, we definitely need our car with us. There are 3 main ways to bring your car with you: Flat towing Using a dolly Using a car trailer/hauler Flat towing – is towing a vehicle with all 4 wheels on the road and the car follows the RV, this is done using a tow bar which goes into the hitch on the back of the motor home (this doesn’t use the ball) and hooks onto the front of your car, followed by safety chains which act as a secondary connection in case something fails. When flat towing you will usually need to have the face plate added to your car as it most likely does not come with one pre-installed. I had one installed for $1,035 so it’s not cheap. Tow Dolly –...

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