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Hocking Hills State Park Campground Review

General Information L Location: Hocking Hills State Park GPS L Price: $27 – 41 L Phone: (740) 385-6842 L Website: L Hookups: 20, 30, 50, Water, Sewer L Pet-Friendly: Yes Our Stay When looking for somewhere to stay in the Hocking Hills area we chose the state park because it was in the center of everything and you can’t really go wrong with staying at one. However this stay got off on the wrong foot right away, we came in on Ohio-665 from the west (Dayton) and our GPS stopped at an intersection. So naturally, we turned there...

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Lake Amistad Texas Travel Tips and Things to Do

What do to at Lake Amistad, Del Rio, Texas Lake Amistad is a a lake formed by the damming of the Rio Grande and the Devils River just north of Del Rio Texas. Del Rio Texas is the last town with all the necessities until El Paso! So if traveling in this area make sure to get as many supplies as you can and gas up everything! Gas is cheap around Lake Amistad but sharply increases in price on the way west!. Lake Amistad was our first real camping experience! We really enjoyed our stay here and there is...

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Hocking Hills Fire Tower

The Fire Tower at Hocking Hills As we were headed to Cedar Falls we saw a place called “Fire Tower” on the geocaching map and decided to stop there not sure what we would find… However it was a hidden gem, it was awesome! I did not expect to be allowed to climb what we saw. In the middle of the park lies fire tower, this is a tall structure designed for someone to watch for wild fires in the area. The Hike to Fire Tower From the parking lot it is a very short hike to the tower,...

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Ash Cave, Best Travel Tips and Information Before You Explore 2018

What is Ash Cave in Hocking Hills and How did it Form? Ash Cave is an extremely unique geological feature called a “recess cave”. In fact, Ash Cave is the largest one east of the Mississippi River, this is the top place to go in Hocking Hills – so make sure you are prepared for it to be busy doing the summer and fall colors. Ash Cave got it’s name because the Native Americans lived here for a long period of time and when the Europeans found it there were massive amounts of ash built up from their fires....

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Top Things to do in Hocking Hills State Park 2018

The Best Things to do in Hocking Hills State Park When we arrived in Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio, the first thing on my mind was, what should we see first? This was really hard because all we had was a list of things but it didn’t explain it too well. So ill tell you a bit about each thing and list it in the order I would check out, but each person has their own taste! A little about Hocking Hills… The Hocking Hills Region has some very rich history both geologically and culturally. The Hocking Hills...

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