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Lake Amistad San Pedro Campground Review

General Information   L Location: San Pedro Campground L Price: $4 per night ($2 Seniors) L Phone: (830) 775-7491   L Website: L Price: $4 per night ($2 Seniors) L Pet-Friendly: Yes Our Stay Lake Amistad was the first time we spent more than a week in one location. This was partly due to deciding to set up solar power and ordering last minute supplies from Amazon. The lake was recommended to us as a “hidden gem” in Texas. This coupled with the low camping fees brought us to the lake and we ended up staying for 14...

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Perfect Litter Box Solution for RVs and Camping

Before we decided to add a furry friend to our adventurous RV lifestyle, the issue of the litter box was a top concern. We lived in an apartment when we had our previous cat and the litter box was not a great memory. Even with daily cleaning, there were several issues that would make having a litter box in an RV with a much smaller living space more challenging and unpleasant. Litter box problems: Where to put it How to keep the litter from tracking How to keep the smell minimal How to clean it without dust getting in the air How to dispose of it when boondocking I’m the type of person that will research everything and anything until I find the perfect answer to what I’m looking for. So, after extensive (really really extensive) research, I found the perfect solution for all those problems and it can work for anyone! Ultimate RV Litter Box Solution: Save you lot’s of money! No unpleasant smells No need to cut holes or change your RV No litter tracking No dust when you clean Where to put a litter box in an RV or Camper? This was the first major concern before we got our new kitten. We are living in a 30 foot RV and space is limited, to say the least. I looked into a lot of other articles that had...

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What to Pack and What NOT to Pack in your Carry-On Bag

What to Pack and What NOT to Pack in Your Carry-On Bag By Sonja When you check a bag at the air port you are always running the risk of having your luggage lost or delayed. This is just one reason it’s important to have all the essentials packed with you in your carry-on bag. before we delve into what to pack, let’s first cover what NOT to pack in your carry-on. What NOT to Pack in Carry-on Luggage 1. Liquids over 3.4oz or 100ml Restrictions on a number of liquids has become pretty universal and the standard seems...

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Top Things You Must Do in Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia is a vibrant and charming Mediterranean town located in the middle of Croatia’s coastline. Split has to be one of my favorite places in Croatia and there is a never-ending list of things you can do for entertainment. Tyler and I unfortunately only had 3 days to explore this amazing town so we were pretty selective on what activities we would let to fill our short time. Here is our list of the top things to do in Split, Croatia, especially if you are just passing through or short on time! 1. Visit Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace Diocletian’s Place is an impressive 1,700-year-old Romain ruin that is still around today. It is not a simple palace as you might expect, in fact, it is a vibrant city that is very much alive covering impressive 38,700 square meters. The Palace is home to about 300 people and is occupied with 220 buildings. This town is filled with vendors, shops, and restaurants. You will also find churches, Roman monuments, and other historical buildings and architecture. This leads us to the number 2 on our list of things to do in Split! 2. Climb the Cathedral in Diocletian’s Palace I should start out by saying this should be avoided if you are claustrophobic or have a fear of heights. There are narrow passageways and the stairs have large gaps...

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