Author: Sonja

Free Camping at Holly Beach, Louisiana

If you find yourself cruising along the coast of Louisiana, a great place to stop and take in some sand and sun is Holly Beach. Holly Beach has scattered shells that fill it’s soft, white sand and beautiful never-ending water views. It’s a perfect place to go for a walk and do some shell hunting. You can drive up and down the beach if you have the right vehicle. I didn’t like the water enough to go swimming. We are from Michigan so our standards for swimming water are higher than most. It was a nice beach to stay...

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Pecos River High Bridge Overlook and Boat Launch

Pecos River High Bridge Overlook If you are traveling on Highway 90 between Del Rio and Langtry, you will find yourself crossing a 1,310-foot long bridge 273 feet above the Pecos River. This bridge has a deep, rich history with roots steeming to the building of the nation’s first southern transcontinental railroad and might just be the most famous and well known historic bridges in Texas. The breathtaking views will urge you to stop and take it all in and you can do just that by stopping at the pull-offs provided on either side of the road. But if you want to...

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Beauty and Hygiene Hacks for RV Living and Camping

Transitioning from city life to full time RVing makes you reevaluate your beauty/hygiene routine. I’m not a girly girl by any means but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to feel fresh and pretty even when I’m 100 miles from civilization. After being on the road and boondocking for some time now, I think I have a pretty solid system to staying and feeling clean on the road. I’m prone to forgetting something when packing for a camping trip or stocking up for boondocking so you can also treat this as a hygiene checklist of things to bring....

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2018 Best Solar Power Banks for Adventure Seekers

why solar? I’m not sure why phones have such a short battery life and you would think that with all the advancements and features they add, improving battery life would be near the top of the list. Tyler and I both use our phones ALOT and leaving the RV without a power bank limits us to what we can do. As we are traveling and exploring the great outdoors we heavily use our phones for pictures/videos, directions, geocaching, looking up park/trail information, and they are also a safety precaution should we venture out and need help. Having a power...

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Full Time RVing: How to Get Packages On the Road

We thought that we were well prepared and ordered all the essentials through Amazon before we started our road trip. That quickly turned out to not be the case. Getting packages delivered can be a little tricky. There are mail forwarding services that will hold your mail for you and send you a bundle of your accumulated mail to your current location. This may or may not be a good option for you, depending on your needs. Tyler and I have all our bills/statements set up electronically, the rest of our mail goes to a relative’s address and is...

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Meet The Crew

We are Tyler and Sonja – adventure travelers and professional bloggers. We are on an epic road trip across the country and we hope that the stories you find on this blog will help inspire your next adventure!